Why Startups Should Apply?

We understand that the path to growth for startups can be challenging and often uncertain, which is why we've designed this platform to serve as a catalyst for your journey.

Potential Investments

Present your products and services to a pool of leading investors from different sectors actively seeking innovative projects to invest in.

Global Exposure

Showcase your innovations in front of a worldwide audience. Early market validation and marketing can be invaluable in refining your product-market fit.


Forge invaluable connections and explore partnership opportunities that could propel your startup to new heights within the healthcare industry.

Tailored Mentorship

The event goes the extra mile by offering startups access to seasoned mentors specialising in the healthcare sector, providing invaluable guidance and insights.

Pitch Deck Support

Startups benefit from pitch deck support, refining their pitch, and valuable go-to-market mentorship to enhance their chances of success.

Financial & Legal Support

The programme provides crucial financial and legal support, giving innovative startups the boost they need to thrive in the competitive market.