Streamlined Deal Flow and Funding Process


Startup Application and Evaluation

- Startups submit comprehensive profiles via Elets platform.

- Elets Jury Team conducts initial screening based on predefined criteria.


Pre-Due Diligence Assessment

- Shortlisted startups undergo a data collection process, including financials, business models, and growth projections.

- Elets' due diligence team provides insights to strengthen investment potential.


Investor Readiness Report

- Elets compiles Investor Readiness Reports, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

- Personalised consultations guide startups to enhance their pitch.


Pitch Sessions

- Shortlisted startups present to potential investors during focused sessions.

- Investors engage in Q&A sessions to assess viability.


Customised Deal Matching

- Elets leverages data and preferences to facilitate meaningful connections.

- Dedicated deal makers ensure smooth negotiations.


Term Sheet Issuance and Negotiation

- Successful matches receive term sheets outlining key conditions.

- Elets and legal experts support negotiations aligned with goals.


Due Diligence Closure

- Final due diligence validates information and ensures compliance.

- Legal teams prepare investment agreements.


Funding Ceremony

- Celebrate success with a grand funding ceremony.

- Network and explore collaborations.


Due Diligence Closure

- Elets integrates startups into a mentor-rich ecosystem.

- Regular check-ins and progress reports support growth.


Funding Ceremony

- Access industry insights and trends.

- Participate in networking events for valuable connections.