Elets Insurance Innovation Awards 2023

We are super thrilled and excited to host the upcoming Elets Insurance Innovation Awards 2023, a celebration of excellence, and innovation in the evolving Insurance industry. Our goal is to acknowledge and pay homage to the pioneers of the Insurance sector who are reshaping & redefining the insurance world through their extraordinary initiatives and groundbreaking approaches.
Elets Technomedia, along with its Knowledge Partner - The Banking & Finance Post Magazine, is all set to host this exceptional gathering. It's all about acknowledging, honoring and celebrating the remarkable achievements of trailblazers in the insurance sector across the wide spectrum, from innovation and adaptability to resilience and cutting-edge technology.
Don't miss this opportunity! Submit your nominations today and be a part of the glittering celebration honoring the industry's brightest stars!

Last Date to Nominate - 28th Nov 2023

Key Highlights

Celeberting, honoring and acknowledging the Innovators and Disruptors in Insurance sector

The winners will be selected by the editorial team.

The editorial team will evaluate the nominees on a range of innovation, technological advancements, customer service, and more.


The Luminary Leader (Chairman, MD, CEO, ED, President)

  • Excellence in Strategic Leadership
  • Visionary Thought Leader
  • Decision-Making Master
  • Financial Success Champion
  • Insurance Sector Influencer
  • Professional & Ethical Leader
  • Mentoring & Coaching Expert
  • Exceptional Public Speaker
  • Excellence in Strategic Management
  • Emerging Insurance Pioneer

Chief Information Officer

  • Visionary Technology Leader
  • Tech Transformation Titan
  • Digital Transformation Pioneer
  • Breakthrough AI Implementation
  • Emerging Technology Evangelist
  • Mastery in InsurTech Integration
  • Excellence in Information Security
  • Data Analytics Trailblazer
  • Expert in Data Protection
  • Leadership Through Innovative Approach

Chief Technology Officer

  • Customer-Centric Tech Leader
  • Sustainability Technology Champion
  • AI & Automation Expert
  • Cyber Security Pioneer
  • Excellence in Digital Technology
  • Cloud Computing Leader
  • Emerging Technology Disruptor
  • Regulatory & Compliance Innovator
  • Blockchain Visionary
  • AI & ML Trailblazer

Chief Operations Officer

  • Leader in Operational Excellence
  • Process Optimization and Efficiency Champion
  • Strategic Planning and Execution Expert
  • Supply Chain Management Guru
  • Quality Control and Assurance Leader
  • Risk Management and Compliance Specialist
  • Customer Service and Support Excellence
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Champion
  • Employee Engagement and Development Advocate
  • Sustainability and Environmental Management Leader

Chief Digital Officer

  • Digital Transformation Visionary
  • Excellence in Digital Transformation
  • Leader in Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Digital Transformation Innovator
  • Digital Innovation Champion
  • Disruption in Digital Innovation
  • New Innovation in Digital Products
  • Excellence in Digital Innovation
  • Innovative use of Cloud Computing
  • User Experience (UX) Design Innovator

Chief Information Security Officer

  • Cyber Security Visionary
  • Cyber Resilience Expert
  • Security Innovation Champion
  • Data Privacy & Compliance Leader
  • Incident Response Guru
  • Innovation in Information Security
  • Specialist in Ethical Hacking and Vulnerability Management
  • Security Metrics and Risk Management Innovator
  • Effective Fraud Prevention Strategy
  • Innovation in Security Technology

Chief Risk Officer

  • Excellence In Risk Management
  • Strategic Risk Management Visionary
  • Risk Mitigation and Resilience Expert
  • Financial Risk Management Specialist
  • Crisis Management and Business Continuity Expert
  • Operational Risk Management Champion
  • Data-driven Risk Analytics Innovator
  • Innovation in Risk Mitigation
  • Sustainable Risk Management Practices
  • Disruption in Risk Management Practices

Chief Marketing Officer

  • Master in Marketing Innovation
  • Customer Engagement Champion
  • Digital Marketing Trailblazer
  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • Data-Driven Marketing Innovator
  • Sustainability and CSR Marketing Leader
  • Social Media and Community Building Expert
  • Innovation in Product Development
  • Brand Building Champion
  • Innovative Digital Marketing Campaign

CX (Customer Experience) Leader

  • Excellence in Customer Experience
  • Customer-Centric Innovation Champion
  • Customer Loyalty Program Innovator
  • Outstanding Customer Experience Innovation
  • Effective Customer Experience Strategy
  • Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Expert
  • Master in Social Media Customer Engagement
  • Emerging CX Leader
  • Specialist in Customer and Employee Experience
  • Sustainability and CSR-driven CX Leader

Big Data & Analytics Leader

  • Big Data and Analytics Visionary
  • Data-Drive Innovation Champion
  • Advanced Data Analytics Pioneer
  • Predictive Analytics Expert
  • Data Privacy and Security Leader
  • Data Governance and Quality Specialist
  • Leader in Operation Efficiency Through Analytics
  • Innovation in AI, ML & Automation for Analytics
  • Customer Insights and Personalization Expert
  • Sustainability and ESG Analytics Leader

Chief Distribution Officer

  • Exceptional Leader in Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Excellency in Distinguished Inventory Management
  • Outstanding Contribution in Network Expansion
  • Superior leadership in Customer- centric Initiatives
  • Leader in Innovative Distribution Strategy
  • Outstanding Leader in building Ecosystem Distribution

Industry Categories

  • Leader in Digital Transformation Program
  • Excellence in Insurtech Innovation
  • Excellence Role in Claim Management
  • Outstanding Product Innovation
  • Excellent Operation Initiative
  • Leader in Customer Engagement Initiative
  • Prominent in Digital Insurance Innovation
  • Outstanding performance in Business Continuity
  • Excellent Customer-centric Culture in Insurance
  • Trailblazer in use of Cloud Technology

Corporate Categories

Solution Providers/Corporate

  • Excellence in Artificial Intelligence Solution
  • Innovation in Digital Lending
  • Outstanding Data Centre Provider
  • Outstanding Security Testing Provider
  • Cloud Validation Solution
  • ATM Service & Solution Provider
  • Innovative Technology Project
  • Innovation in Custody & Securities Services Technology
  • Innovation in Information Security
  • Innovation in Green IT
  • Innovation in Data-Management
  • Digital Service Innovator
  • Innovation in Neo Banking
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Innovative Reconciliation Solutions
  • Disruptive Innovation Award
  • Outstanding performance in Customer Centricity
  • Future Digital Leader
  • Excellence in Secured Employee Engagement
  • Leader in Data Transformation Solution
  • Open API Award
  • Leader in Open Digital Ecosystem Platform
  • Network Transformation Leader
  • Leader in Business Transformation
  • Leader in translation of BFSI information
  • Data Warehouse and Big Data Leader
  • Excellence in IT Infrastructure (Hardware/Software)
  • Most Innovative Fintech Product
  • Excellence in Financial Crimes Risk Management
  • Excellence in Technology Implementation
  • Outstanding Digital Transformation Partner
  • Outstanding Digital Payment Solution
  • Innovative Enterprise Lending Platform
  • Innovative Start-up
  • Outstanding Open source service provider
  • Emerging Blockchain Technology Solution
  • Outstanding Security Solution Provider
  • Outstanding Cloud Service Provider
  • Outstanding Cloud Security Provider
  • Excellence in Eradicating language barrier
  • Excellence in Smart Industrial Automation
  • Outstanding Video KYC Solution provider
  • Fintech Trendsetter
  • Most innovative use of Use of AI in Fintech

For Nominations

Vaishnavi Dubey

+91 80529 38448


Shruti Jain