Award Information

Recognising the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, we are delighted to organize the 2nd Elets Global Healthcare Summit & Awards to celebrate success, reward achievement, and raise the profile of the change-makers in the healthcare industry. With the goal to improve the healthcare ecosystem by supporting healthcare innovations, it will highlight innovators’ work on the global stage.

Grab this opportunity to put the spotlight on your transformational initiatives, products, and technology.

Why should you nominate?

Make your achievements known in the industry

Commend the collaborative efforts of your team

Establish a lasting legacy

Surpass industry peers and set the standard

Gain extensive coverage in both print and social media platforms

Nomination Steps

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After completing the entry submission, you will be directed to the payment page. Payment can be made using either a cheque or online methods such as net banking or credit/debit cards. For more information, you can also check the payment guidelines.

You can submit entries for the Awards as an Healthcare organisation/ Institutional or individual without any limitations on the number of submissions. There are no restrictions on the number of categories you can enter. However, if you submit the same work for multiple categories, they will be treated as distinct entries, and separate entry fees will apply for each submission.

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Award Categories

Healthcare Delivery Organizations

  •  Healthcare Delivery Brand (Hospitals)
  •  Emerging Healthcare Delivery Brand
  •  Environmentally Conscious Healthcare Delivery Brand
  •  Excellence in Cancer Care
  •  Excellence in Diabetes Care
  •  Excellence in Heart Care
  •  Excellence in Stroke Care
  •  Excellence in Kidney Care
  •  Excellence in Liver Care
  •  Excellence in Transplant
  •  Excellence in Bone & Spine Care
  •  Excellence in ART & IVF
  •  Excellence in Recruitment Company in Healthcare
  •  add Excellence in Hospital Design & Architecture
  •  Excellence in Women & Child Care
  •  Excellence in Elderly Care
  •  Excellence in Home Health care
  •  Excellence in Patient Safety & Centricity
  •  Excellence in Healthcare access and affordability
  •  Excellence Initiative in Healthcare Startup
  •  Excellent Work during Covid
  •  Digital solutions for rural healthcare
  •  Excellence Work in Rural Health
  •  Digital Technology Solution for hospitals
  •  Leading At-Home Digital Health Services
  •  Excellence in Digital Healthcare Technology Solution(Includes VR, AI, AR, MR, and others)

Diagnostics & Preventive Healthcare Organizations

  •  Outstanding in Pathology Services
  •  Excellence in High-end diagnostics
  •  Outstanding in Home Diagnostics Services
  •  Excellence in Genetic Testing
  •  Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics
  •  Leading Digital Application in Diagnostics

Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices & Consumer Health Brands

  •  Leading Pharmaceutical Company
  •  Leading Nutraceutical Brand
  •  Leading Innovative Pharma Manufacturer
  •  Leading Medical Brand
  •  Excellence in Pharma Global Business Support
  •  Excellence in Packaging and Delivery
  •  Leading Consumer Health & Wellness Startup
  •  Patient Centric Brand in Cancer Care
  •  Patient Centric Brand in Diabetes Care
  •  Patient Centric Brand in Heart Care
  •  Patient Centric Brand in Stroke Care
  •  Patient Centric Brand in Kidney Care
  •  Patient Centric Brand in Liver Care
  •  Patient Centric Brand in Transplant
  •  Patient Centric Brand in Bone & Spine Care
  •  Patient Centric Brand in Women Health
  •  Patient Centric Brand in Dental Care
  •  Patient Centric Brand in Eyecare
  •  Patient Centric Brand in Skin & Hair Care
  •  Patient Centric Brand in Child Health
  •  Patient Centric Brand in Psychiatry & Behavioural Sciences
  •  Patient Centric Brand in Reproductive & Sexual Health

Health Awareness, Skilling & Community Outreach

  •  Leading Public Health Initiative
  •  Leading Health awareness campaign
  •  Leading Disease Screening Initiative
  •  Leading Medical Skilling Initiative
  •  Leading Health and Wellness Insurance Company
  •  Leading NGO Providing Financial Support to Needy Patients
  •  Excellence in Medical Tourism
  •  Excellence in Digital Solution for Medical Skilling
  •  Use of Digital Platforms for Public Awareness Campaigns
  •  Digital Solution for consumer wellness & wellbeing
  •  Mobile Health Application
  •  Personal Digital Health Devices (Wearables)

Healthy Lifestyle Promoting Brands & Organization

  •  Leading Digital Solution for consumer wellness & wellbeing
  •  Leading Fitness Brand
  •  Leading Fitness Apps
  •  Leading Fitness Devices/Product
  •  Leading Wellness Brand
  •  Leading Healthy Lifestyle StartUp

Individual Award

  •  Leading Healthcare CEO
  •  Leading Healthcare CTO/CIO
  •  Leading Healthcare CMO
  •  Leading Diagnostics CEO
  •  Leading Diagnostics CTO/CIO
  •  Leading Diagnostics CMO
  •  Women Leadership Award in Healthcare
  •  Leading Healthcare Entrepreneur
  •  Leading Cosmetologist/ Dermatologist
  •  Leading Cardic Sugeon
  •  Leading Fertility Clinic
  •  Leading Ayurvedic Clinic
  •  Leading Healthcare Business Leader
  •  Leading Women Entrepreneur
  •  Young Pharma Entrepreneur
  •  Leading Marketing Professional in Healthcare
  •  Leading Transformational Leader
  •  Leading Orthopaedic Surgeon
  •  Leading ENT
  •  Leading Medicine and Diabetes
  •  Leading Neonatology (Paediatrics)
  •  Leading Allergy & immunology
  •  Leading Cardiologist
  •  Leading Emergency Room (ER) Doctors
  •  Leading Endocrinologist
  •  Leading Family Medicine Physician
  •  Leading Gastroenterologist
  •  Leading Geriatrician
  •  Leading Hematologist
  •  Leading Immunologist
  •  Leading Infectious Disease Specialist
  •  Leading Internal Medicine Specialist
  •  Leading Neonatologist
  •  Leading Nephrologist
  •  Leading Neurologist
  •  Leading Neurosurgeon
  •  Leading Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB/GYN)
  •  Leading Oncologist
  •  Leading Ophthalmologist
  •  Leading Orthopedic Surgeon / Orthopedist
  •  Leading Otolaryngologist (also ENT Specialist)
  •  Leading Pathologist
  •  Leading Pediatrician
  •  Leading Plastic Surgeon
  •  Leading Psychiatrist
  •  Leading Pulmonologist
  •  Leading Radiologist
  •  Leading Rheumatologist
  •  Leading Sleep Doctor / Sleep Disorders Specialist
  •  Leading Spinal Cord Injury Specialist
  •  Leading Sports Medicine Specialist
  •  Leading Surgeon
  •  Leading Thoracic Surgeon
  •  Leading Urologist
  •  Leading Vascular Surgeon
  •  Leading Ayurvedic Practioner
  •  Leading Diagnostician

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