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Nomination Inclusivity

Open to a wide range of startups and individual entrepreneurs across various sectors.

Expert Jury Evaluation

Nominations are assessed by regional and national experts in the startup ecosystem, ensuring knowledgeable and fair evaluation.

Transparent Selection Process

Entries are rated numerically by juries, with the ratings collated and audited to determine winners in each category and subcategory.

Submission Guidelines

Elets Startup Awards 2024 are designed to celebrate the innovation and achievements of startups and the visionaries behind them. The awards encompass various categories, reflecting the diverse nature of the startup ecosystem. Entries are welcomed from startups or their representatives, provided they have obtained the necessary approvals for submission. Each startup project or individual achievement is considered as one distinct entry, and there's the flexibility to submit multiple entries collectively. This process ensures a comprehensive representation of the diverse accomplishments within the startup community.

Dates to Remember

Nomination Deadline

20th February 2024

Awards Announcement

23rd February 2024

What will you experience at Elets Startup Awards?

Achieving recognition at the Elets Startup Awards elevates your startup's standing in the industry, marking you as a notable player.

Enhancing Industry Reputation

Garnering an award highlights your team's talent and success, making your startup more attractive to new business prospects and investors.

Spotlight on Exceptional Talent

Competing in these awards allows you to compare and elevate your standards against the industry's best, fostering growth and innovation.

Benchmarking Excellence

The awards provide extensive media coverage, enhancing your startup’s visibility to a broader audience including potential collaborators.

Media Visibility

Winning an award from a reputed platform like this boosts customer confidence in your brand, fostering loyalty and trust.

Building Trust and Loyalty with Customers

An award from the Elets Startup Awards is a unique testament to your startup's journey, experience, and achievements.

Showcasing Your Journey of Success

Recognition at this level is a powerful motivator for your team, acknowledging their efforts and spurring future accomplishments.

Boosting Team Spirit and Drive

This event is an excellent networking opportunity, connecting you with other industry innovators and potential partners.

Expanding Professional Networks


Elets Startup Awards is a prestigious event recognising the achievements and innovations of startups across various sectors. This gathering will highlight the latest in technology, sustainability, e-commerce, and direct-to-consumer initiatives, showcasing the diverse talent and pioneering strategies within the startup community. The awards cover multiple categories, celebrating the impactful contributions of startups in both the industry and society.

Elets Startup Awards are open to a wide range of participants from the startup ecosystem, including both established and emerging startups, individual entrepreneurs, and tech innovators. Ideal candidates are those who are leading the way in their respective fields, whether in technology, health, e-commerce, or direct-to-consumer ventures.

Eligibility for the awards requires that participants be officially registered and actively operational within their market. This criterion ensures that the awards honor startups that have not only innovative ideas but also a tangible impact and presence in their industries.

No. You can submit as many entries as you like, and there is no restriction on the number of categories you can enter. Further, one entry can be entered into multiple categories, as long as the categories chosen are relevant.

No, the entry fee is not refundable. Please Note: This is a processing fee that does not guarantee a win in any way, this is just a fee to process your entry so that it can move to the next step of judging.

Once you have submitted your entry, you can get in touch with the team (contact details mentioned at the bottom) to cross-check your submission and to make sure that your payment process is done successfully. The team will send regular updates on the email ID mentioned in the form.

The shortlist will be communicated by our representative through mails & calls.

The winners will be announced at the 12th Elets Healthcare Innovation Awards on 22nd February in Bengaluru.

The winner's list will be published on the website and announced through our social media handles. Each category winner will be felicitated with a trophy & certificate on the Awards night in Bengaluru. Please feel free to get in touch with us in case of any doubts.

For any further clarification, please feel free to contact us. We shall be happy to help you.
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