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The revenue sector is undergoing a significant transformation due to the influence of digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). These technologies empower businesses to swiftly analyse large volumes of data and base their decisions on data-driven insights. This impact is not limited to the private sector, as governments and leaders in the public sector worldwide also acknowledge the crucial role of technology, including AI and advanced analytics, in achieving efficiency, transparency, and growth. The objective is to foster a harmonised implementation of digital solutions by coordinating technology initiatives between central and state governments. By leveraging technology, various aspects such as service delivery, governance, data-driven decision-making, and citizen engagement can be enhanced to optimise resources, identify trends, and make well-informed choices.

To address this theme, Elets Technomedia and SAS bring to you a webinar on Revenue Management and Intelligence. The webinar will explore the topic of 'Driving Revenue Growth through Digital Transformation' and discuss various departments, including Revenue and Stamp Duty, Income Tax, Excise, Transport, Mines & Geology, and Municipal Corporations. The webinar will also highlight the potential of AI and Cognitive Computing in revenue and intelligence management.

The webinar promises to offer valuable insights and actionable strategies for revenue growth in the digital age. It will showcase how SAS is providing innovative solutions to unlock new revenue streams and drive growth. The webinar is a must-attend event for anyone interested in harnessing and driving the power of AI and driving revenue growth. It presents an opportunity to gain deep insights into revenue growth strategies and how technology can be leveraged for revenue management and intelligence.

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Key Highlights

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Key Participants

Public Sector Leaders

Digital transformation experts

Data scientists and Analyst

IT professionals

Officers from Municipal Corporations

Directorate of Revenue Intelligence

Associate Departments & Authorities

Key Decision Makers of the Transport Sector

Stamp & Registration

Mines & Geology

Commercial Tax Officers


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