About the Summit

In a world where cancer ranks among the top 5 causes of death, brace yourselves for a shocking 12.8% surge in cancer cases by 2025. Amidst these grim stats, a glimmer of hope emerges. Recent strides in cancer science and innovative therapies are rewriting the story.

We stand at the precipice of change, Introducing the Elets National Cancer Summit & Awards on 27th April in New Delhi. Our focus: "Moulding the Future of Cancer Care." This groundbreaking event aims to foster collaboration, share expertise, and champion innovative solutions in cancer treatment.

We will have the best minds in the field of cancer care under one roof, discussing emerging trends and their impact on clinical practice. These experts, with decades of experience, are at the forefront of cutting-edge oncology. For patients, these doctors represent hope. Their mission: take the fight against cancer to new frontiers, redefining clinical benchmarks and outcomes.

Join us on their journey to change the face of cancer care!

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Hours of Networking

Our Speakers


Dr. Pramod Kumar Julka

Vice Chairman
Max Institute of Oncology
Padma Shri' Awardee (2013)

Dr. Lalit Kumar

Chairperson - Oncology & BMT
Artemis Hospital
Padma Shri' Awardee (2014)

Mrs Jyotsna Govil

Indian Cancer Society

Dr. Durgatosh Pandey

Head - Oncology Sciences & Consultant Surgical Oncology
Manipal Hospital

Dr. Kishore Singh

Professor and Director
Radiation Oncology
Subharti Institute of Cancer Management and Research
Former Director - Delhi State Cancer Institute

Our Partners

Focus Areas

Breast Cancer

Lung Cancer

Gynecologic Oncology

Hematologic Cancers

Gastrointestinal Oncology

Genitourinary Oncology

Head & Neck Cancers

Diagnostic Imaging and Pathology

Why Attend?

Cancer Research Developments

Treatment Innovations

Networking Opportunities

Thought Leaders in Oncology

Professional Expertise

Interactive Workshops

Innovative Solutions

Cancer-Fighting Technologies

Exhibition Zone Highlights

Global Cancer Combat Efforts

Survivorship Initiatives

Better Cancer Care Strategies

Who should attend?

  • Medical/clinical oncologists

  • Oncology professionals and Expert Doctors

  • NGO Representatives

  • Principal Investigators

  • Patient Advocacy Experts

  • Cancer Survivors

  • Celebrity Ambassadors

  • International Delegates

  • Young Investigators


Globally, there were 23.6 million new cases of cancer as per World Health Organization (WHO) report


Cancer accounts for nearly 10 million deaths in one year or nearly one in six deaths and is the second-leading cause of death worldwide


India has a poor cancer detection rate of 29%, with only 15% and 33% of breast lung and cervical cancers being diagnosed in stages 1 and 2, respectively.


According to a report on the ‘Burden of cancers in India’, seven cancers accounted for more than 40% of the total disease burden: lung (10.6%), breast (10.5%), esophagus (5.8%), mouth (5.7%), stomach (5.2%), liver (4.6%) and cervix uteri (4.3%).


Innovation cancer treatments have helped increase survival rates, allowing patients to spend more time with their loved ones


There are more than 100 types of cancer. It can begin in almost any part of the body

Elets National Cancer Awards

Shining a Spotlight on Excellence in Oncology

Elets National Cancer Awards is a prestigious platform celebrating excellence in the field of oncology, a tribute to the unsung heroes dedicated to eradicating cancer. With each award, we honor the remarkable individuals and institutions whose tireless efforts have illuminated the path towards a cancer-free world. Let us recognize their outstanding contributions to cancer prevention, treatment, research, and patient care, knowing that their work brings us closer to a brighter tomorrow.

Join us in applauding these champions in the fight against cancer, for they are the guiding stars illuminating our journey towards a healthier future.