Elets National Cancer Awards

Elets National Cancer Awards is a prestigious platform celebrating excellence in the field of oncology, a tribute to the unsung heroes dedicated to eradicating cancer. With each award, we honor the remarkable individuals and institutions whose tireless efforts have illuminated the path towards a cancer-free world. Let us recognize their outstanding contributions to cancer prevention, treatment, research, and patient care, knowing that their work brings us closer to a brighter tomorrow.

Award Categories

  • Leading Hospital - Cancer (South)
  • Leading Hospital - Cancer (North)
  • Leading Hospital - Cancer (East)
  • Leading Hospital - Cancer (West)
  • Leading Hospital - Cancer (National)
  • Excellence in Palliative Care
  • Excellence in End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC)
  • Excellence in breast cancer oncoplastic surgeon
  • Excellence in Oncoplasty workshop
  • Leading Cancer Awareness Initiative of the year
  • Leading NGO for Cancer
  • Leading Women Healthcare Initiative of the year
  • Leading Social Welfare Initiative of the year
  • Brand Leadership Award
  • Most Promising Cancer Centre of Maharashtra
  • Exceptional Contribution in The Area Of Tobacco Control
  • Exceptional Contributions To Childhood Cancer Care And Management
  • Excellence In Cancer Prevention And Awareness Initiative/Programme By An NGO/Foundation
  • Outstanding Work In Palliative Care
  • Excellence in Clinical Research Award
  • Catalyst for innovation in early detection and diagnosis
  • Catalyst for innovation in cancer treatment
  • Precision Medicine Catalyst
  • Champions of Health Equity
  • Exceptional contribution to cancer health services during crisis
  • Excellence in promoting intregrative health in oncology
  • Outstanding contribution in promoting patient centric care
  • Best Hospital for Medical Tourism- Oncology
  • Most Promising Cancer Centre & Hospital
  • Exceptional contribution to women's cancer care & treatment
  • Excellence in cancer prevention and managment by an NGO/Civil Socities
  • Digital Innovation in the Treatment of Cancer
  • Leading CSR Initiative for Cancer
  • Leading Cancer Screening Initiative of the year
  • Exceptional Radiology Centre- Oncology Services
  • Excellence in Oncology Nursing
  • Leading Awarness Campaign in Hospital
  • Leading Digital Campaign for Cancer
  • Excellence in Oncology Testing
  • Best Diagnostic Imaging Center
  • Leading Diagnostic Service Company
  • Excellence in Best Use of Technology by Diagnostics company
  • Best Hospital Diagnostics Lab
  • Best Service Provider in Haematology
  • Excellence in Pathology Services
  • Imaging Technology Innovation of the Year
  • Cancer 2023 Best Researcher Award
  • Cancer 2023 Young Investigator Award
  • Humanitarian Award
  • Women Excellence Award In Oncology
  • Pioneer Award for Cancer Research
  • Inspiring Indian Oncologist Award
  • Inspirational Cancer Caregiver
  • Service Excellence Award in Cancer
  • Oncology Radiologist of the Year
  • Leading NGO for Cancer
  • Excellence In Cancer Prevention And Awareness Initiative/Programme By An NGO/Foundation
  • Excellence in cancer prevention and managment by an NGO/Civil Socities
  • Excellence in Oncology Educational Outreach and Training
  • Excellence in Cancer Screening Award
  • Excellence in Cancer Awareness Initiatives
  • Excellence in Service and Best Practices
  • Campaign Driving Change Excellence Award
  • Incredible Impact Award
  • Excellence in Childhood Cancer Care Initiatives
  • Woman-Icon Leader-Social Entrepreneurship Award
  • Leading Cancer Prevention Initiative Award
  • Excellence in Community Engaging
  • Leading Patient Advocacy and Empowerment Award
  • Leading CSR funds contributor for cancer
  • Excellence Award for Best Women Cancer Awareness & Care

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Gain extensive coverage in both print and social media platforms

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After completing the entry submission, you will be directed to the payment page. Payment can be made using either a cheque or online methods such as net banking or credit/debit cards. For more information, you can also check the payment guidelines.

You can submit entries for the Awards as a Healthcare organization/Institution or individual without any limitations on the number of submissions. There are no restrictions on the number of categories you can enter. However, if you submit the same work for multiple categories, they will be treated as distinct entries, and separate entry fees will apply for each submission.