12th Elets Healthcare Innovation Awards

Elets 12th Healthcare Innovation Awards is yet another endeavor to recognise and boost healthcare innovation for a better future. We are delighted to honour individuals and organisations pushing the boundaries of healthcare for better services and outcomes with their innovations. It is not just a ceremony but an opportunity for healthcare innovators to connect, collaborate, and share ideas. Join us in celebrating the most innovative and impactful solutions in healthcare today!

Jury Members

Dr. Ravi Gupta

CEO and Editor-in-Chief
Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd

Rajiv Nath

Managing Director
Hindustan Syringes & Medical Device Ltd.

Dr Harsh Mahajan

Founder & Chairman
Mahajan Imaging & Labs

Dr Sutapa B Neogi

International Institute of Health Management Research
(Naac "A" accredited)

Award Categories

  • Healthcare Delivery Brand (Hospitals)
  • Emerging Healthcare Delivery Brand
  • Leading Multi-Speciality Hospital
  • Leading Green Hospital
  • Excellence in Nephrology
  • Excellence in Urology
  • Excellence in Paediatrics
  • Excellence in Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OBGYN)
  • Excellence in Neurology
  • Excellence in Ophthalmology
  • Excellence in Gastroenterology & Hepatology
  • Excellence in Cancer Care
  • Excellence in Diabetes Care
  • Excellence in Heart Care
  • Excellence in Stroke Care
  • Excellence in Kidney Care
  • Excellence in Liver Care
  • Excellence in Transplant
  • Excellence in Lungs Care
  • Excellence in Bone & Spine Care
  • Excellence in ART & IVF
  • Excellence in Women & Child Care
  • Excellence in Elderly Care
  • Excellence in Home Health care
  • Excellence in Healthcare access and affordability
  • Excellence Initiative in Healthcare Startup
  • Excellent Work during Covid
  • Excellence Work in Rural Health
  • Digital Technology Solution for hospitals
  • Leading At-Home Digital Health Services
  • Excellence in Digital Healthcare Technology Solution(Includes VR, AI, AR, MR, and others)
  • Excellence in Hospital Design & Architecture
  • Leading Medical Equipment Provider (Diagnostics)
  • Leading Radiology Centre
  • Excellence in DNA Testing Lab
  • Excellence in Hospital Diagnostics Lab
  • Excellence in Radiation Treatment Company/Institution
  • Outstanding in Pathology Services
  • Excellence in High end diagnostics
  • Outstanding in Home Diagnostics Services
  • Excellence in Genetic Testing
  • Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics
  • Leading Digital Application in Diagnostics
  • Leading Diagnostic Chain
  • Leading Clinical Services in Physiotherapy
  • Leading Clinical Services in Pain Management Clinics
  • Leading Clinical Services in Psychiatric
  • Leading Clinical Services in Dental Care
  • Leading Diagnostic Centre in Standalone
  • Leading Pharmaceutical Company
  • Leading Nutraceutical Brand
  • Leading Innovative Pharma Manufacturer
  • Leading Medical Brand
  • Excellence in Packaging and Delivery
  • Leading Consumer Health & Wellness Startup
  • Leading Public Health Initiative
  • Leading Health awareness campaign
  • Leading Disease Screening Initiative
  • Leading Medical Skilling Initiative
  • Leading Health and Wellness Insurance Company
  • Leading NGO Providing Financial Support to Needy Patients
  • Excellence in Medical Tourism
  • Excellence in Digital Solution for Medical Skilling
  • Use of Digital Platforms for Public Awareness Campaigns
  • Digital Solution for consumer wellness & wellbeing
  • Mobile Health Application
  • Personal Digital Health Devices (Wearables)
  • Leading Healthcare Insurance Company
  • Healthcare Service Provider - Ambulance
  • Leading Medical & Wellness Centers
  • Leading Organization for Excellence in CSR
  • Leading Digital Solution for consumer wellness & wellbeing
  • Leading Fitness Brand
  • Leading Fitness Devices/Product
  • Leading Wellness Brand
  • Digital Health Organisations
  • Digital Technology for Patient Support
  • Excellence in Digital Healthcare Project
  • Excellence in Healthcare Innovation
  • Leading in Online Pharmacy
  • Leading Health tech Brand
  • Leading Digital Health Startups
  • Leading Global Healthcare Startup
  • Leading Health Tech Start-Up
  • Excellence in Medical Device Manufacturer / Service Provider
  • Leading Home Healthcare Company
  • Leading Mental Health
  • Leading Digital Healthcare Platform
  • Excellence in Health & Wellness (Product & Technology)
  • Leading Healthcare CEO
  • Leading Healthcare CTO/CIO
  • Leading Healthcare CMO
  • Leading Diagnostics CEO
  • Leading Diagnostics CTO/CIO
  • Leading Diagnostics CMO
  • Women Leadership Award in Healthcare
  • Leading Healthcare Entrepreneur
  • Leading Healthcare Business Leader
  • Leading Women Entrepreneur
  • Young Pharma Entrepreneur
  • Leading Marketing Professional in Healthcare
  • Leading Transformational Leader
  • Leading Rheumatologist
  • Leading Otolaryngologist (ENT)
  • Leading Hematologist
  • Leading Cardiologist
  • Leading Neurologist
  • Leading Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OBGYN)
  • Leading Urologist
  • Leading Oncologist
  • Leading Nephrologist
  • Leading Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist
  • Leading Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Leading Ophthalmologist
  • Leading Dentist
  • Leading Diabetologists
  • Leading Dermatologists
  • Leading Pulmonologist
  • Leading Paediatrician
  • Leading Radiologist
  • Leading Healthcare Leader
  • Inspirational Work in Healthcare
  • Outstanding Contribution Towards Health
  • Most Innovative Healthcare Model
  • Excellence in Health Policy Implementation
  • Leading Health Technology Advancement
  • Most Impactful Health Outreach Initiative
  • Healthcare Accessibility Innovation

Nomination Disclaimer

The Elets Healthcare Innovation Awards recognise outstanding innovations across the entire healthcare sector. Nominations can be submitted by organisations or their representatives, provided that all parties involved have given their approval for the submission. Each category nomination is counted as one entry, and multiple entries can be registered together.

Companies applying must be registered and operational in healthcare market.

Each applicant can apply for one or multiple categories that suit their business nature.

Here are the steps to submit your entry:

Step 1

Register yourself and provide the necessary details.

Step 2

After registration, select the categories and add entries.

Step 3

Each entry has mandatory fields, but it is recommended to fill up all available fields to help in evaluating the nominations.

Step 4

Entries are saved automatically and can be edited later. Multiple entries can be worked on and edited flexibly.

Step 5

Pay the required fee after adding all entries.

Step 6

Once payment is made, entries cannot be edited. Ensure that all information is correct.

Step 7

An entry is considered submitted only after the required payment is made.

Guidelines for Entry of Project Details:


  • The entry write-up should comprise two sections: Main Entry and Supporting Material.
  • The main entry description should not exceed maximum word limit of 2000 Characters in each field. A concise write-up that covers all salient points related to the category is recommended in as supporting material.
  • Supporting material may include videos/AVs, campaigns, pictures, etc.

Important Points

  • We Transfer links, Lion Box/DropBox links, and Google Drive links with restricted settings will not be accepted.
  • File size should not exceed 25MB.
  • The duration of video/audio should not exceed 2 minutes.
  • The maximum number of slides in a ppt should be 10.
  • Writeups should not exceed 1000 words and should be filled in bullet points (Objective & Challenges, Originality & creativity of the idea, Strategy implementation, Message Alignment with TG, Impact).
  • Payment(s) should be made within a week of the entry submission. Otherwise, your nomination(s) won't be accepted.
  • Entries that do not follow the above guidelines will be disqualified.

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