13th Elets Healthcare Innovation Awards

Elets 13th Healthcare Innovation Awards is yet another endeavour to recognise and boost healthcare innovation for a better future. We are delighted to honour individuals and organisations pushing the boundaries of healthcare for better services and outcomes with their innovations. It is not just a ceremony but an opportunity for healthcare innovators to connect, collaborate, and share ideas.

Join us in celebrating the most innovative and impactful solutions in healthcare today!

Dates to remember

  • Last Date for
    Entry Submission
    10th May, 2024
  • Jury
    20th May, 2024
  • Awards
    7th & 8th June 2024

Awards Categories

  • Healthcare Insurance Company
  • Excellence in Nutritional Innovation
  • Excellence in Patient Care Initiative
  • Excellence in Nutritional Innovation
  • Excellence in Patient Safety and centricity Initiative
  • In patient Facility & Patient Experience
  • Excellence in Patient Centric brand
  • Healthcare Service Provider- Ambulance
  • Best in Operational Excellence Company
  • Excellence in Women & Child Care
  • Excellence in Digital Healthcare Technology Solution
  • Best Medical & Wellness Center
  • Leading Medical College (National)
  • Excellence in Health & Wellness (Product & Technology)
  • Excellence in Healthcare Innovation
  • Best Patient Awareness Drive/ Campaign
  • Excellence in Healthcare Access and Affordability
  • Leading IVF Chain
  • Excellence in Integrated Care
  • Digital Technology Solution for Hospitals
  • Excellence in Rural Health Initiative
  • Excellence in Healthcare Startup
  • Excellence in Safety of Patients
  • Excellence in Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Best Health Awareness Campaign
  • Leading Disease Screening Initiative
  • Best Wellness Program
  • Best Wellness Centre
  • Best Wellness Spa
  • Excellence in Health and Wellness Solution
  • Best Health & Wellness Start up
  • Best Health Promotion Initiative
  • Best Digital Marketing Initiative in Healthcare
  • Outstanding Community Health Program
  • Excellence in Hospital Design & Architecture
  • Excellence in Medical Tourism
  • Humanitarian Fundraiser of the Year Award
  • Best Hospital Chain
  • Best Green Hospital
  • Best Multi-Speciality Hospital
  • Excellence in - Gastroenterology & Hepatology
  • Excellence in - Orthopedic
  • Excellence in - Ophthalmology
  • Excellence in - Cardiology
  • Excellence in - Neurology
  • Excellence in - Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OBGYN)
  • Excellence in - Paediatrics
  • Excellence in - Urology
  • Excellence in - Oncology
  • Excellence in - Nephrology
  • Excellence in - Pulmonology
  • Excellence in Bone & Spine Care
  • Leading Diagnostic Chain
  • Outstanding in Pathology Services
  • Leading Radiology Centre
  • Excellence in High End Diagnostics
  • Outstanding Home-Diagnostics Services
  • Excellence in Genetic Testing
  • Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics
  • Best Clinical Services - Pain Management
  • Best Clinical Services- Adult Psychiatry (Age: 18 above)
  • Best Clinical Services - Cardiac Physiotherapy
  • Best Clinical Services - Homeopathy
  • Best Clinical Services - Mental Health & Wellness
  • Best Clinical Services - Psychology
  • Digital Technology for Patient Support
  • Excellence in Health Tech Start-Up
  • Excellence in Medical Device Manufacturer/ Service Provider
  • Best Home-Healthcare Company
  • Best Mental Health App
  • Best Digital Healthcare Platform
  • Best Health Tech Innovator
  • Best Technology Solution for Social Good
  • Best Technology Solution for Chronic Diseases
  • Best Public Health Initiative
  • Best Health and Wellness Solution
  • Best Telemedicine Company
  • Best Wearable Technology Solution
  • Best Use of Robotics in Healthcare
  • Best Use of AI & ML in Healthcare
  • Best Digital Transformation in Healthcare
  • Best Woman’s Health Technology Solution
  • Best Mental Health Technology Solution
  • Best Medical Imaging Technology Solution Provider
  • Excellence in Pharmaceutical Company
  • Excellence in Pharmacy Chain
  • Excellence in API Company
  • Excellence in Health & Safety
  • Excellence in Biopharma Company
  • Excellence in Biotech Company
  • Leading Brand in Medical Devices
  • Leading Medical Equipment Company/Provider
  • Excellence in Supply Chain, Logistics & Distribution
  • Excellence in Online Pharmacy
  • Excellence in OTC Company
  • Excellence in Packaging and Delivery
  • Excellence in Training and Development
  • Excellence in Pharma Innovation
  • Pharma Innovation in Veterinary Care
  • Leading Largest Hospital Pharmacy Chain
  • Best Use of CSR Budget for Healthcare
  • Best Use of CSR Budget for Urban Healthcare
  • Best Use of CSR Budget for Rural Healthcare
  • Best Use of CSR Budget for Women & Child Health
  • Best Use of CSR Budget for Elderly Care
  • Leading CSR Project for NCD Control
  • Leading CSR Health Awareness Campaign
  • Outstanding Research in Healthcare- Oncology
  • Outstanding Healthcare CIO / CTO
  • Outstanding Healthcare CEO
  • Outstanding Healthcare Researcher
  • Emerging Pharma Leader
  • Outstanding Pharma Leader
  • Outstanding Female Icon in Healthcare
  • Leading Rheumatologist
  • Leading Otolaryngologist (ENT)
  • Leading Hematologist
  • Leading Cardiologist
  • Leading Neurologist
  • Leading Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OBGYN)
  • Leading Urologist
  • Leading Oncologist
  • Leading Nephrologist
  • Leading Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist
  • Leading Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Leading Ophthalmologist
  • Leading Dentist
  • Leading Diabetologist
  • Leading Dermatologist
  • Leading Pulmonologist
  • Leading Cardiothoracic Surgeon
  • Leading Cosmetologist
  • Leading General Surgeon
  • Leading Neuro Surgeon
  • Leading Occupational Health Physician
  • Leading Pediatrician
  • Leading Vascular Surgeon


The Elets Healthcare Innovation Awards recognise outstanding innovations across the entire healthcare sector. Nominations can be submitted by organisations or their representatives, provided that all parties involved have given their approval for the submission.

Each category nomination is counted as one entry, and multiple entries can be registered together.

Companies applying must be registered and operational in the healthcare market.

Each applicant can apply for one or multiple categories that suit their business nature.


  • Register yourself and provide the necessary details.
  • Select the categories that best suit and fill in the entry form. .
  • The mandatory fields are marked but it is recommended to fill up all available fields to help in more through understanding during evaluation.
  • Entries are saved automatically and can be edited later. Multiple entries can be worked and edited flexibly.
  • Pay the required fee after adding all entries. Please ensure that all information is correct. Please note that once the payment is made, entries cannot be edited.
  • The entry is considered submitted only after the required payment is made.
  • You will receive an automated mail with a copy of submitted details, once the form is submitted.



  • The entry write-up should comprise two sections: Main Entry and Supporting Material.
  • The main entry description should not exceed 200 words in each field. A concise write-up that covers all important points related to the category is recommended as the main entry.
  • Supporting material may include videos/AVs, campaigns, pictures, etc about the entry.

Supporting Material Specifications

  • We-Transfer links, Lion Box/DropBox links, and Google Drive links with restricted settings will not be accepted.
  • File size should not exceed 25MB
  • The duration of video/audio should not exceed 2 minutes.
  • The maximum number of slides in a ppt should be 10.
  • Writeups should not exceed the set word limit. It is recommended the entire proposal should be in concise points taking up less reading time of the jury.
  • Payment(s) should be made within a week of the entry submission, else the nomination(s) won't be accepted.
  • Entries that do not follow the above guidelines will be disqualified.


Q1. Why Enter In The 13th Elets Healthcare Innovation Awards?

  • Set New Benchmarks In The Industry
  • Generate Publicity, Brand Awareness, And Increased Visibility For Your Company
  • Boost Team Morale By Acknowledging Their Hard Work
  • Acquire New Business By Highlighting Your Award-Winning Talent
  • Celebrate Your Success
  • Increased Credibility

Q1. Who Can Apply At The 13th Elets Healthcare Innovation Awards?

The 13th Elets Healthcare Innovation Awards welcome a wide range of participants from various segments of the healthcare sector. This includes established healthcare organisations, burgeoning startups focused on health innovation, companies specialising in the development and manufacture of medical devices, and individual practitioners such as doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals. Additionally, researchers, healthcare IT professionals, and individual innovators who have made significant contributions to the field of healthcare are encouraged to participate.

Q2. What Are The Eligibility Requirements?

Companies wishing to apply must be officially registered and actively operational within the healthcare market. This ensures that the participants are established entities with a track record in the healthcare sector.

Q3. Can An Agency Submit Projects For Their Clients?

Either the client or the implementing agency can apply. Should a client and its agency submit the same project, the submission will then be considered as a joint application. In case of being shortlisted or winning, both the client and the agency are named.

Q1. What Is The Application Process Like? How Are The Winners Selected?

After the final application deadline, the jury reviews all submissions online and determines a shortlist for each category. From the shortlisted nominees, the grand jury will decide the winners, who will be announced during the awards ceremony.

Q2. When Will The Shortlist Be Announced?

The shortlist will be communicated by our representatives through mails & calls.

Q3. What Are The Judging Criteria For 13th Elets Healthcare Innovation Awards?

All the analysed categories will be shared with an eminent jury from all leading industry experts. Each member of the jury will be allocated entries that match their respective area of expertise. Each entry will be evaluated and rated against each criteria specified for that category.

Q4. Is A Firm Represented By A Jury Member Allowed To Enter The Competition?

Yes, however, the jury members aren’t allowed to judge the work of their own company.

Q5. What About The Confidentiality of My Application Data?

All material will remain confidential to the judges. Judges are not allowed to judge any entries submitted on behalf of their company.

Q1.How Do I Apply?

  • Register Yourself/ Select Categories / Fill the Online Form
  • Upload the Supporting Documents
  • Submit the Entry
  • Make the Payment

Q2. In what format should I submit my application?

Write-ups should not exceed 200 words & should be filled in bullet points (Objective & Challenges, Originality & Creativity of the Idea, Strategy Implementation, Message Alignment with TG, Impact) Refer to nomination form for exact questions.
The sample of the work may vary from category to category. Therefore, it can include either printed material, such as white papers or company publications, links to online content, such as web pages, websites, videos, AVs, sample ads, infographics or mobile applications.

Q3. What Are The Important Dates?

Early Bird Deadline : 10th April, 2024

Last Date to Apply : The last date for submitting nominations for the Awards will be communicated by the representative.

Jury Meet : 25th May, 2024 (Tentative)

Shortlist Announcement: 30th May, 2024 (Tentative)

Awards Night: 7-8 June, 2024

Q4. Is there a fee for submitting the entries?

  • General Nomination Fee in INR- 35,000 + 18% GST- Per Category
  • Early Bird Discounted Nomination Fee in INR- 30,000 + 18% GST- Per Category

Q5.Is There A Discount On The Entries?

If you apply for:

  • 3 and above Categories: : 10% Discount
  • 5 and above Categories: : 15% Discount
  • 7 and above Categories: : 20% Discount

Note: Note: This offer is not applicable in the Early Bird

Q6. How Do I Pay The Nomination Fee?

To finish your application(s), you will have to check out through our integrated shop system. We kindly ask you to pay directly by card, NEFT. In other cases, please mail the Organization Name, GST Certificate, PAN Card and Address to get the invoice generated by our representative.
Please note: Invoices are payable immediately upon issue. Unpaid entries will not be considered for the Awards. In case your invoice needs to be amended, please contact the Awards team immediately.

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