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In the ever-changing world of enterprise, Elets Digital Natives Summit returns for its second edition, embracing the theme "Revolutionising Businesses with Digital-First Strategies." This time, it finds a new home in New Delhi, offering a vibrant backdrop for a deep dive into the digital transformation shaping our future. The summit is a pivotal gathering for those eager to understand the impact of generative AI, cloud computing, and ERP advancements on the business world. It presents an unparalleled opportunity to engage with thought leaders and forge the path of your business in the digital epoch.

  • 16th May 2024
  • New Delhi






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Who is Attending?


CISOs and Information Security Heads

Director-IT, VP-IT & GM-IT

Engineering Heads, VP-Engineering

Chief Data Officer, Head-IT

Product Heads & Product Managers

Customer Experience &

Founders & Co-Founders

Bengaluru Chapter

Why is this summit a must-attend?

Connect with industry leaders, innovators, and peers from across the globe. The summit offers a unique platform to exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and collaborate on future projects, opening doors to new possibilities and expanding your professional network.

Gain valuable insights from a lineup of distinguished speakers, including pioneers of digital transformation, leading tech entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in the digital space. Their firsthand experiences and visionary outlooks are an invaluable resource for understanding current trends and future directions.

Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive access to the latest trends and innovations across various sectors. Whether it's eCommerce, Fintech, AdTech, or emerging technologies, you'll leave with a deeper understanding of how these developments are reshaping industries.

Engage in hands-on learning experiences with interactive sessions and workshops designed to dive deep into practical strategies and tools. These sessions are tailored to provide actionable insights that you can apply directly to your projects and business strategies.

Discover the future of technology and entrepreneurship as startups and tech companies showcase their latest innovations. This is a golden opportunity to see emerging technologies and business models on the verge of transforming the digital landscape.

Beyond the professional growth and learning opportunities, the summit is set in Delhi, offering attendees a chance to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage and creative inspiration of one of India's most dynamic cities.

Key Speakers

Nitin Mishra

Chief Technology Officer
Open Network for Digital Commerce

Nitin Jain

Co-founder & CBO

Ritesh Mohan

Chief Data Scientist

Swati Sharma

Chief Information Security Officer
Amazon Pay

Ravi Mohan

Chief Information Security Officer

Sumit Bhatia

Head - IT

Zahid Ansari

Head of Information & Retail Technology
Forever New Clothing

Shakti Goel

Chief Architect and Data Scientist
Yatra Online

Vivek Parihar

Head of Engineering

Mayank Kapoor

Chief Product Technology Officer
Rupyy (CarDekho Group)

Vishwa Mohan

Chief Information Officer
PW (PhysicsWallah)

Natwar Agrawal

Founder & Director
Bacca Bucci

Manish Chawla

Vice President of Engineering
Hyperpure by Zomato

Dr. Manjeet Dahiya

Head - Machine Learning & Data Sciences
Ecom Express

Nikita Prasad

Co-founder and Head of Design Giva

Shalabh Aggarwal

Chief Technology Officer

Shashank Jain

VP - Product and Technology

Manoj Srivastava

Chief Information Officer

Virendrakumar Pal

Chief Data Science Officer

Neeraj Bagdia

Director of Engineering
Cashfree Payments

Amrita Sirohia

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

Focus Sectors



Online Gaming Platforms

AdTech & Martech



Travel Tech

Logistics Tech



Discussion Points

AI-Powered Transformation

Leveraging AI for Competitive Advantage in Digital-First Organizations

Cyber Threats

Navigating the New Era of Cyber Threats Across Devices and Clouds

Instant Delivery Mastery

Mastering the Art of Instant Delivery in Today's E-Commerce World

Travel Tech

Tech Treks Crafting Connected Experiences in the Digital Age

AI in Cyber Defence

Can Artificial Intelligence be Trusted to Enhance Cyber Defence Mechanisms?

Personalization Conversion Strategy

What Role Does Personalization Play in Converting Casual Clicks to Committed Customers?

Future Payment Innovations

Digital Payment Infrastructure: Opportunities, Challenges and Road Ahead

Phygital Business Model

Is Phygital The Future of Business in a Digital World?

Activities at the Summit

  • Keynote Sessions
  • Panel Discussions
  • Round Table Sessions
  • Startup Awards
  • 1x1 Meetings
  • Expo Booth & Networking
  • Fireside Chats
  • Startup Zone

2nd Elets Startup Awards

In the world of Indian startups, where over 70,000 dreams are turned into reality, we bring to you the 2nd Elets Startup Awards. This event is our way of celebrating the big dreams and hard work of these startups in fields like technology, sustainability, and e-commerce. It's a heartfelt salute to the spirit of innovation in each entrepreneur. We're here to share their inspiring stories, cheer for their bravery, and encourage more people to chase their dreams. Elets Startup Awards are all about supporting and celebrating these incredible journeys, reminding us all of the power of dreaming big and working hard.

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Why Elets CIO?

Exclusive Exposure

Exceptional Branding

Direct Access to Your Target Market

F2F Networking

Why Delhi for our Summit?

Center of Innovation and Technology

Center of Innovation and Technology

Accessibility and Connectivity

Accessibility and Connectivity

Platform for Collaboration

Platform for Collaboration

Vibrant Startup Ecosystem

Vibrant Startup Ecosystem

Inspiration from Heritage

Inspiration from Heritage

Past Speakers

Nikhil Mittal

Chief Technology Officer

Pranav Saxena

Chief Product and Technology Officer

Suresh Sharma


Vineet Das

Executive Vice President & Head of Product

Harish Rama Rao

Senior Vice President Of Engineering

Syed Atif Umar

SVP and Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Hilal Ahmed Lone

Chief Information Security Officer

Vishwa Mohan

Physics Wallah

Satish Kumar Dwibhashi


Navneet Kumar

Chief Technology Officer

Past Glimpses