Time 12:00 PM to 01:15 PM when10th, June 2022

BMC Executive Briefing A Virtual Roundtable

Drive Modern Retail and e-Commerce
Success with Automation

From evolving supply chains to ever-improving inventory practices, the retail industry, be it physical, digital or phygital it continuously faces unique challenges that require cutting-edge business practices. As retail operations grow, retailers often turn to technology and automation to help meet the demands of modern business. Retailers harness the power of application and data workflow orchestration to optimize their supply chains, set competitive prices, advertise effectively, and ensure that their financial close processes are managed securely.  Retailers need to enhance these practices in various ways, such as automating and rationalizing inventory management, supporting growing local stores, and optimizing shipping. As the retail industry continues to evolve with growing digitization, and competition, retailers must revise and expand their business-critical requirements for a workflow orchestration platform beyond individual domains.  Join us in this discussion to bring out strategies to improve and optimize the entire lifecycle from order to delivery, turn data into decisions, bridge systems & processes, and create competitive advantages.

Point of Discussion


Role of Technology and Automation in meeting the demands of modern retail business.


Retail Margin pressure is ever increasing. How AIML and Digitization help organizations overcoming this pressure?


How organizations leverage Automation to extract maximum value out of data and how speed of data processing impacted today’s retail segment?


Innovation and Technology to fuel the customer experiences of tomorrow. How true is this?


How to improve and optimize the entire lifecycle journey from order to delivery, turn data into decisions, bridge systems & processes, and create competitive advantages?


End of the Business Day processing is a crucial element of retail operational workflow. How do you handle End of Business Day processes?

Keynote Speakers


Dr. Anil Chinnabhandar (D.Litt)

SVP - Retail Planning & Supply Chain
Landmark Group

Rajgopal Nayak

Chief Technology Officer
Metro Brands Limited

Ratish Chandrasekhar

Country Lead – DBA
BMC Software

Manoj Srivastava

Vice President - Information Technology

Amit Ray

Head Process and Technology
Reliance Digital Retail Limited

Harshad Mengle

Vice President - IT & Chief Information Security Officer
Croma, Infiniti Retail Limited